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    Up to 51% Off Segway Tour from Balboa Fun Tours
    Newport Pier
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    Up to 58% Off Paddleboard Rental or Guided Tour
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    Up to 59% Off at Shore Sup & Yoga
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    Up to 56% Off Newport Bay Cruise for Two or Six
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    Up to 49% Off Gondola Cruise for Up to Four People
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    53% Off Four Weeks of Dance Instruction
    Multiple Locations
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    65% Off a Kayaking Trip from Newport Fun Tours
    Mariners Mile
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2600 Newport Blvd Newport Beach, CA 92663


Jetpack America's certified flight instructors teach their customers to walk on water, hover in midair, and fly at speeds of up to 35 miles per hour—all without an airplane or saddled carp. The secret to each of these superhuman feats is Jetlev's water-propelled R200 jetpack. Its twin water nozzles blast high-pressure beams of fresh or salt water, elevating you up to 30 feet in the air, where you can maneuver through figure-eight turns and three-dimensional movements. In addition to their dual control arms, Jetlev's flying machines include two high-definition video cameras, which, for an extra fee, capture each moment of weightlessness or create video resumés to send to superhero justice leagues. Flyers can opt for a standard video package, which includes one angle of the flight shot from a nearby jet ski, or the premium package, which combines footage from the jet ski with shots from two other cameras mounted to the jetpack's shoulder mount and control-arm mount.

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