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9569 Shore Dr Norfolk, VA 23518


Cena offers time-strapped families and plan-aheaders quick, economical, and delicious dinner options good to take home or on vacation. While the menu changes every two weeks, current offerings include the stuffed beef tenderloin, rolled with fresh spinach, roasted, peppers, and mozzarella, while a mango cilantro sauce and fresh peppers and onions top the hearty Caribbean chicken. Each half-sized entree from Cena's rotating menu feeds three people. Cena also features a small Bolivian river's worth of wines, and the well-informed staff will happily assist part-time winos in choosing a suitable bottle to pair with your meal or C-SPAN marathon. The crisp, fruity notes of Maso Canali pinot grigio agreeably complement Cena's pork tenderloin in shallot sauce, while the floral tones of L'Ecole No. 41 Chenin blanc go gorgeously with the mahi-mahi fish tacos, like hot dogs sitting in the bleachers of a hot-dog-eating contest.

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