Shang Shung Tibetan Healing Center

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16 Center St, Ste 323 Northampton, MA 01060


Licensed massage therapist Phutsog Wangamo has spent more than 25 years practicing traditional Tibetan medicine, an art that first appeared millennia ago and later assimilated elements from the Greek, Ayurvedic, and Chinese healing traditions. Along with graduates of the Shang Shung Institute School of Tibetan Medicine, Wangamo founded a healing center where she could share this ancient healing art with others.

Today, Shang Shung Tibetan Healing Center continues to earn new converts with a holistic approach that focuses on balancing the mind and body. The center’s wellness professionals address problems that range from stress and insomnia to the aches of old age. A personalized health consultation benefits first-time patients, recommending dietary and lifestyle changes based on individual factors. The wellness expert might also suggest kunye massage, a Tibetan healing art that incorporates medicinal oils, hot stones, pressure-point therapy, and assisted stretching. For a more general overview of holistic health, sit in on one of the center’s monthly public talks. These informal gatherings center on topics such as pediatrics in Tibetan medicine and how to prevent aging without freezing oneself in carbonite.

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