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2063 Mountain Blvd Oakland, CA 94611


Feliz Dubois hasn't just been providing skincare services for the last 10 years. She's also been amassing an extensive amount of knowledge on different products, finely honing her skills, and taking ongoing courses to ensure she's at the forefront of her industry. This dedication to her craft means that she won't simply layer every client with the same generic facial masks, prescribe the exact same regimen for everyone who suffers from acne, or leave midsession to get some ice cream. Instead, she uses her experience and in-depth knowledge of her products, including PCA Skin, Jan Marini, and Bionet Esthetics, to ensure her clinical-level treatments are effective and customized to each client. She can also develop personalized skincare routines for her clients so they can enjoy the benefits of her expertise every day.


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