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    86% Off Spinal Decompression Package at Bay Spine Center
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1904 Franklin St, Ste 500 Oakland, CA 94612


Jesse Blazo and Dan Eng underwent formal training at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in Chicago, but their backgrounds stretch far beyond the Windy City. Jesse discovered traditional Thai styles of massage while teaching English in Thailand, and the catalyst for Dan’s appreciation for Chinese culture was his time at Harvard University, where he studied Chinese philosophy, culture, and language. Their interest developed into passion, leading them to study the ancient healing arts in depth.

Today, Jesse and Dan offer an array of services designed to holistically heal the body of all sorts of ailments. They perform acupuncture on guests of all ages, using slender, feather-light needles to unblock energy flow and treat stress, depression, and headaches. They also carry out astrology readings, detoxify bodies through qi nei zang and tui na massage, and prescribe Chinese herbal medicine.