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    Half Off Chiropractic Care
    Piedmont Avenue
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    76% Off at Oakbay Chiropractic
    Pill Hill
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    76% Off at Westside Family Chiropractic
    Southwest Berkeley
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    86% Off Spinal Decompression Package at Bay Spine Center
    Multiple Locations
    $340 $49 3.4 miles
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    Up to 69% Off Chiropractic Packages
    Southwest Berkeley
    $125 $39 3.8 miles
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    79% Off Chiropractic Services with Massage or Acupuncture
    $235 $49 5.7 miles
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    Up to 93% Off Massages at Smith Chiropractic
    El Cerrito
    $410 $29 5.9 miles
1 Rio Vista Ave Oakland, CA 94611


Doctor of Chiropractic Julie Orman—who has a certification for advanced Network Spinal Analysis—believes many of life’s ailments stem from the spine. Because of this, she practices the Network Chiropractic technique at Piedmont Network Chiropractic. The technique is based on the idea that the brain sends signals to the spine and then the spine reroutes the signals to the rest of the body. If the signals are being blocked, perhaps by a dislodged vertebra or bear hug, Dr. Orman D.C. gently corrects the issue to clear up any congestion. Similarly, her staff of bodywork practitioners supplies therapeutic touch by way of Swedish, shiatsu, and deep-tissue massage.

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