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    Half Off at Vo's Restaurant
    $30 $15 0.7 miles
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    49% Off at La Salsa Fresh Mexican Grill
    Multiple Locations
    $10.08 $5.20
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    Up to 60% Off Wine Flights at Periscope Cellars
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    Up to 50% Off Chinese Food at Golden Peacock Restaurant
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    Up to 43% Off Dinner and Variety Show
    Multiple Locations
    $100 $60 1.3 miles
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    Up to 25% Off Grand Lake Coffee House
    $8 $6 1.4 miles
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    Up to 43% Off Murder-Mystery Dinner Theater
    Waterfront Hotel
    $203.20 $116
2635 San Pablo Avenue Oakland, CA 94612


Once upon a time, a bubblegum-pink catering truck was the only outlet for ShugaHill Ice Creamery's fried fare. Today, the catering truck continues to ferry burgers, barbecue, and seafood around town, but a brick-and-mortar eatery also doles out the sizzling eats. The eatery’s menu grants patrons artistic license over their plates, showcasing meal components such as mac ‘n’ cheese, smoky turkey wings, and po boys stuffed with oyster, snapper, catfish, or sole. Beneath the murals of various sweets that line the walls, main courses culminate in cool hillocks of ice cream, which delight any diner who hasn’t just lost a pet glacier.

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