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    Up to 71% Off Kickboxing Classes
    $100 $39 0.4 miles
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    Up to 68% Off Yoga Therapy Sessions
    On Location
    $288 $99 0.4 miles
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    Up to 89% Off Tae Kwon Do Classes 
    Multiple Locations
    $93 $15 0.5 miles
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    Up to 88% Off at Kickboxing Selden
    Multiple Locations
    $100 $15 1.2 miles
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    Up to 81% Off Jiu Jitsu or Kung Fu Classes
    $139 $29 1.3 miles
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    Up to 87% Off Fitness Classes
    $75 $15 1.3 miles
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    Up to 81% Off Classes at Alpha Omega MMA
    Rockville Centre
    $149 $39 1.3 miles
2824 Brower Avenue Oceanside, NY 11572


Sweat glistens across every brow at the Motion On Oceanside private training studio as instructors lead high-energy fitness classes. The high-intensity movements of cardio-centric Zumba and boot-camp sessions counterbalance the flowing, steady movements of yoga and tai chi classes, designed to build balance and flexibility.

Unlike studios that employ child-sniffing dogs to make sure no kids sneak in, Motion On Oceanside welcomes youngsters, helping them to stay fit and busy with a complimentary babysitting program and a variety of after-school and summer programs. Additionally, the staff opens its studio for private Zumba dance parties for kids and teenagers, supplying refreshments so that the only thing parents need to bring is the cake and a piñata to keep it in.


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