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1006 SW 104th St Oklahoma City, OK 73139


Dr. Jeffrey P. Pardee understands firsthand the frustration of trying to lose weight. He struggled with obesity as a child, and watched his weight rise following a heart procedure later in life. His personal battles make him more sensitive to his clients’ predicaments, which he approaches on a case-by-case basis. His custom-tailored plans eschew short-term diets in favor of all-encompassing lifestyle changes that not only slim down waistlines, but overhaul the unhealthy habits that lead to weight gain. He helps his clients reach their goals through comprehensive, custom systems that marry dietary changes with medication, including appetite suppressants to ease the slenderizing process. Dr. Pardee ramps up results through exercise and nutrition counseling to help clients make smart everyday choices and ensure that their hard work isn't undone by exposure to foie gras pop tarts.

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