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    50% Off Glass Screen Replacement for Phone or Tablet
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    75% Off Camera Functions Course
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    61% Off Mattresses and Accessories
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    55% Off Services
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    Up to 49% Off at Central Park Dog Daycare
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A successful dinner party is not only dependent upon the taste of the food, but also upon an eye-catching presentation, something Running Wild Catering is fully aware of. That’s why, when catering a feast for an event—such as a wedding or a holiday office party—executive chef Teresa Walters and her team line slender skewers of mozzarella and tomatoes on a polished white tray and carve melons into decorative bowls to hold other fruits. They heap crisp veggies on the bed of a wooden, western-style wagon, and cascade mountains of fresh fruit alongside a four-tiered chocolate fountain.

Catered meals of slow-roasted pork loin can be served atop fine china and accompanied by linens and silver. Comfort foods such as pot roast or hamburgers can sit in rustic cookware on red-and-white checkered tablecloths. To ensure total transparency for each catered order, the staff is happy to break down pricing, from the cost of condiments to the cost of each grain of salt.

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