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    Up to 65% Off Personal Training
    South Central Omaha
    $165 $75 0.4 miles
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    Up to 74% Off Boot-Camp Classes from The Fat Trainer
    Elmwood Park
    $150 $49 3.1 miles
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    61% Off at Geary's Kempo Karate (Omaha, NE)
    South Central Omaha
    $100 $39 3.4 miles
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    Yogamed – Up to 58% Off Yoga Classes
    West Omaha
    $60 $25 3.7 miles
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    Up to 61% Off Yoga
    West Omaha
    $119 $59 4.1 miles
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    Up to 54% Off Fitness Classes
    $69 $34 4.3 miles
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    Up to 74% Off Kickboxing Packages
    On Location
    $105 $30 4.4 miles
8410 K St Omaha, NE 68127


The certified personal trainers at Endless Possibilities use simple training methods and equipment to turn regular people into regular people who can lift much heavier objects. Each customer's five training sessions are customized based on a discussion of personal fitness goals, which run the gamut from a slimmer shadow maker to an anvil-crushing six-pack. Under the motivational guidance of an experienced trainer, learn the art of contractile tissue cultivation through a fun, variety-filled session of lifting, pushing, pulling, crawling, flipping tractor tires, and swinging sledgehammers. With today's deal, prove that you can become a personal trainer lookalike with a little determination and a wardrobe of neon leotards.

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