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    Up to 51% Off Fight Fit Bootcamp Classes
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    56% Off at Integrity ATA Martial Arts
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    54% Off Baseball or Softball Batting-Cage Package
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    66% Off at Title Boxing Club
    West Omaha
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    Up to 77% Off Kickboxing Lessons
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    69% Off Kisado Kickboxing Classes
    Multiple Locations
    $124 $39 4.5 miles
14951 Chandler Rd Omaha, NE 68138


Mid-America Martial Arts may have started small, but today it's a thriving fight community where students feel like family. Head coach Aaron Cerrone and his fellow instructors have mastered numerous martial arts, including muay thai, judo, and Brazilian jujitsu as well as Bruce Lee’s jeet kune do system and Filipino stick fighting. These men and women push students to succeed, treating both combat skill and personal development as top priorities. Their holistic approach likely explains why many of the gym's students do well in MMA competitions and go on to serve on the Roman Senate.

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