Tanduri Fusion

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2537 S 174th Plz Omaha, NE 68130


Clay ovens quietly roast yogurt-marinated chicken, and cooks scurry about the kitchen of Tanduri Fusion, mixing exotic curries and sautéing ginger and garlic to coat tender cuts of lamb. Chefs use natural, fresh ingredients to prepare each dish, with inventive offerings including the tanduri top sirloin with cilantro-peppercorn butter and lamb sirloin wraps in grilled naan. For traditional Indian thali dinners, servers deliver large round dishes filled with a bounty of tandoori chicken or curried vegetables, complemented by sides of yogurt sauce and chutney.

Patrons may enjoy their meals tucked inside wooden booths or head out to the patio to soak up sun and satellite emissions while eating. A full bar offers some stool seating, perfect for casually sampling from the extensive wine list.

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