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The history of the punch is only slightly longer than that of tae kwon do, a fighting art whose origin lies some 4,000 years into Korea’s past. Throughout millennia, tae kwon do evolved through the stewardship of many masters, whose personal touch created many branches of the martial art. Grand Master Won-kuk Lee developed the chung do kwan school, and from this bough of the tae kwon do tree sprouts the style taught at Tiger Rock Academy.

The instructors splice the art’s ancient tenets with modern sports science to develop programs that implant athleticism, discipline, and self-confidence in students of all ages. Grappling and han mu do classes introduce the softer techniques of joint locks, takedowns, throws, and singing lullabies until an opponent falls sleep. Students condition their bodies for combat through exercise classes such as Kisado interval fitness training and YogaFit courses, in which students must yogafit into luggage of various shapes and sizes.

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