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2627 Edgewater Drive Orlando, FL 32804


During the 1980s, bars in Japan began serving aromatic cocktails that would clear the mind, leave recipients refreshed and energized, and were safe for consumption by children. This tradition continues at 02 Breathe, where patrons safely fill lungs with four to five times the amount of pure oxygen found in air, the vapor comingling with a choice of 19 fragrances. Using technology developed by NASA, nonmedical oxygen concentrators filter gasses such as argon and nitrogen from the air, isolating the life-giving molecule to about a 90% purity level. Fragrance blends, such as balancing earl grey or soothing sugar cookie, are borne into sinuses via water molecules, so they are safe for ingestion and for mixing with oxygen. Given that the 02 crew's libations are as light as the air we all walk on, their sleek black bar topped with rainbow vials can be easily transported to locations ranging from sporting events to birthday parties.


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