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    Up to 51% Off Colon Hydrotherapy
    Florida Center
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    Half Off Hypnosis
    On Location
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    Up to 60% Off Pure-Oxygen Aromatherapy
    Salt Room Millenia
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    Half Off Weight-Loss Hypnotherapy
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6809 South Kirkman Road Orlando, FL 32819


Galelli Health Wellness Center's certified acupuncturist eases the pains and thwarts the illnesses of clients with little more than a set of slim needles and an intimate understanding of the body’s inner workings. Instead of treating the symptoms of one's complaints, a blend of herbal prescriptions and acupuncture address root causes of physical problems, such as an energy imbalance or cursed pair of knee socks. As the bad humors behind maladies, from sinusitis to tennis elbow, depart the body, clients stay calm reclined in a treatment chair set in the center’s communal treatment room.


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