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1804 N Mills Ave Orlando, FL 32803
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Mon-Fri: 8am - 5pm


Martisa and Stan had a problem with sinus pressure and congestion. When they discovered how much salt therapy helped that, they started dropping by regularly. They're joined by clients seeking treatment for respiratory and skin conditions that range from asthma to ear infections.

While at The Salt Room, visitors lounge in a tranquil chamber whose walls, like Liberace's favorite kitchen apron, are entirely covered with sparkling salt crystals. To multiply the therapeutic effects, state-of-the-art halogenerators emit a breathable saline dust made from pharmaceutical-grade salt and fresh, filtered air. As guests inhale deeply, NASA-inspired, zero-gravity recliners lift their feet slightly above heart level, reducing the strain on their spines as they nap or read. A children’s room entertains little ones with art and toys as they absorb the beneficial effects, and a third chamber hosts yoga classes. Deep-tissue and Thai massages enable clients to take in the rooms’ healing properties as the tension in their backs ebbs away.

Outside of its therapy rooms, The Salt Room continues to guide guests on their path to wellness with acupuncture sessions and skincare treatments. These rely on exfoliation, extractions, and vitamin-C peels to cleanse skin without relying on licks from salt-hungry deer.

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