Pahrump Party and Promotion Supplies

331 S Frontage Rd Pahrump, NV 89048


Paintball provides a competitive capture-the-flag approach to studying the forces of velocity, wind-resistance, and the physics of splatter. Seven spacious fields of natural grass and hundreds of trees span 10 acres of surface area at Pahrump Paintball, where a friendly, safety-first staff can monitor large groups of marksmen and Wagnerian shieldmaidens. All equipment is provided, including paint, air, and splattable battle fatigues, allowing soldiers to sink into the trenches and skillfully blot the enemy from a distance or surge toward an opponent's base, making a poignant meta-mural of their surroundings. The attentive referees and variety of the course, including a tall-grass jungle field, make Pahrump a fine destination for all levels of splotcher.

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