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2385 PGA Boulevard Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410


Bobby Alcott's love for the nautical life first took shape during college, when he paid his tuition with profits from fishing aboard a 44-foot boat he had reconstructed himself. A trip to St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands in 2003 further fueled his passion for sailing and entertaining, as he began leading charter trips. Now, 15 years after attaining his Coast Guard master's license, he seeks to instill passengers with nautical knowledge and show them a new perspective of Palm Beach through his business, Lacuna Tours.

Captain Bobby navigates his hurricane deck boat along smooth intra-coastal waters during tours and charters, adapting the course to his passengers’ chosen sites while politely vetoing their requests to exchange courtesies with the local narwhal. He expounds on nearby sites and local history with a sense of humor, which he developed during 10 years as a ski instructor. During the day or at sunset, Bobby steers the boat during private tours or themed trips such as birthday parties and wedding celebrations.

On extended tours, he runs the vessel onto the shore of one of Palm Beach's uninhabited islands and lets passengers disembark to relax on the beach and explore the nooks and crannies of abandoned sand castles. If children are onboard, he also brings ashore a small treasure chest filled with candy, balloons, and toy jewelry, and buries it in the sand when they aren't looking. Bobby then spins tales of pirate visits to the island, inviting the wee adventurers to search for the treasure. To further the swashbuckling theme, he also provides pirate costumes and props, giving parents ample photo opportunities.

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