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8320 Snow Rd Cleveland, OH 44129
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Currently: Open
Tue,Thu-Fri: 7am - 9pm
Wed,Sat-Sun: 6am - 9pm


Pappou's Family Restaurant doesn't play coy about its do-it-yourself ethic and family-centric ethos. According to, owner and chef George Sevastakis enlists his wife, sister, and children to tend to the restaurant, serving up Greek, Italian, and American dishes. Despite his duties as owner, George still makes time to prepare the desserts and baked goods himself and tends a garden where tomatoes, green beans, strawberries, and cucumbers grow. In addition to its Greek staples and seafood favorites, Pappou's serves breakfast pizzas in the mornings, topped with scrambled eggs, bacon, and peppers to differentiate them from traditional pizzas, which are only topped with scrambled eggs.


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