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At Dao Wellness Center, two bilingual licensed acupuncturists have devoted their lives to Chinese medicine—in one case, because Chinese medicine saved his life. Kenneth Hu's childhood was punctuated by frequent trips to the hospital for asthma attacks so severe that, according to his bio, doctors declared him "dangerously close to death" four times. Hu's parents eventually brought him to a Taiwanese herbalist and Chinese-medicine expert, who performed a combination of herbal medicine, acupuncture, and traditional therapies that eventually cured young Kenneth of his asthma. Spellbound by traditional Chinese medicine's healing power, Hu began to study it under the expert's seasoned tutelage and soon relocated to the United States to share his new gifts with others.

Today, Hu and Jason Geng offer everything from skin remedies to whole-body detoxification through their medical acupuncture treatments. To complement the treatments or heal on its own, the ancient tui na modality combines acupressure with medical strokes to clear energy blockages and boost holistic health. Clients can also take home herbal remedies formulated to bump up energy, flush away toxins, or season bland soups.

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