Curry Kebob House

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585 Medford Ave Patchogue, NY 11772


Curry Kebob House expands beyond the bounds of its name with a diverse menu of beef, chicken, and lamb dishes, all made with halal meats. Helmed by chef Sameer Ahmad, the kitchen team slow-cooks shredded beef and lentils for a dish called haleem, dappled with blackened onions and lemon, as well as whips up plates of creamy and tangy chicken tikka masala. Delicately spiced Pakistani specialties include karahi gosht—goat cooked in a thick tomato sauce with chilies—and chicken karahi, which is cooked in an iron wok with ginger and spices.

The Indo-Pak restaurant is modeled after the casual eateries in India and Pakistan, with red tablecloths draped over petite tables and traditional artwork adorning the exposed-brick and wood walls. Strings of twinkling lights dangle at the entrance, signaling to diners that they’ve found the right place and confirming that fireflies are very cooperative after being fed kebabs.

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