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    Up to 76% Off Group Classes at Pilates For Life
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    Up to 83% Off at Pilates V Studio
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    Up to 70% Off Skin-Toning Treatments
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    Up to 70% Off Gym Membership to Quest Fitness
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    Up to 72% Off Far-Infrared Capsule Sessions, Massage, & Sound
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    Up to 69% Off Personal-Training Sessions
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257 Ridge Way Flowood, MS 39232


Koko FitClub’s automated personal-training system rockets both men and women toward fitness goals with 30-minute custom workouts that incorporate cardio and strength training. An initial consultation determines fitness level and baseline measurements, which Koko’s machines use to design a bespoke workout plan that precisely measures the weight, pace, and rest time appropriate for each exerciser. The Koko machines guide exercisers through each workout, and adapt as the user’s fitness needs change and constantly challenge the body. Designed by professional trainers, workouts maximize the body’s lean-muscle mass, which can boost metabolism and help fight off disease by challenging viruses to kickboxing matches. Exercisers can track their shrinking waistlines and swelling muscles online by analyzing workout scores and comparing individual fitness levels to the Koko FitClub community.

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