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1310 Casa Grande Rd Petaluma, CA 94954


An experienced gymnastics instructor and fitness enthusiast, Gretchen Iniguez firmly believes a fit body leads to a happy life. The seasoned personal trainer discovered Pilates in 2005, instantly falling in love with the way it strengthened her core muscles, improved her flexibility, and uplifted her spirits. Gretchen would continue to train for years in the Pilates practices—including pre- and postnatal Pilates and Pilates for clients with scoliosis—before opening her own studio.

Within Lifestyle Pilates's sunny and spacious facility, Gretchen conducts Pilates classes for men and women of all athletic abilities. She guides students through lively strength-training exercises using a variety of equipment, including spring-loaded resistance machines, hand weights, and exercise balls. Gretchen strives to motivate her students by keeping workouts fresh and engaging, providing constant encouragement, and screaming onomatopoeias when it looks like they're getting tired.

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