Max Brenner

1500 Walnut St Philadelphia, PA 19102


The originally Israeli chocolatier's aggressive chocolate ethos permeates its whimsically decorated retail shop, from the pleasant tidal wave of cocoa-based smells, visuals, and tastes that engulfs and immerses shoppers upon entering to the propeller blades mixing chocolate in white vats to the network of interlinking pipes along the ceiling labeled "100% chocolate." If you believe that romance and chocolate intermingle even more naturally than romance and haggis, then delve into a bonbons love box ($12.90), which has hearts and other amorous designs patterned onto each square. Max Brenner also offers a variety of truffles ($23.90/18 pieces), milk-chocolate powder ($10.90) for decadent drinks, and Cocos ($11.50), milk-chocolate pralines rolled in roasted coconut. Max Brenner's chocolate even comes in less-easily digested book form: Chocolate: A Love Story ($25.99) is a chocolate cookbook that makes a lovely gift for anniversaries, birthdays, or weddings and can also be used to swear in Oompa-Loompas in most court trials.

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