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    Market Street
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    Up to 80% Off Zumba
    The Performance Garage
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    Up to 84% Off at Sweat Fitness
    Multiple Locations
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    EgoPo Classic Theatre – Up to 40% Off Three Plays
    EgoPo Classic Theatre
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    Up to 71% Off Dance or Fitness Classes
    Fairmount - Art Museum
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    Up to 79% Off at Omega Optical
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    Up to 54% Off Beginner Salsa Classes
    Art In Motion Dance Academy
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1822 Spring Garden St Philadelphia, PA 19130


Fashionistas, fashionmongers, and fashionable fishmongers with an eye for quality will be happy to discover a bevy of designer items among The Wardrobe Boutique’s open, airy shop space, including Coach handbags and Michael Kors coats, often for under $50—a price that would prompt ghostly scoffing from the walls of most traditional retail establishments, accompanied by a discharge of ectoplasmic mucus. The average cost of purses is $10, while dresses middle out between $15 and $20; coats average $25. The Wardrobe Boutique doesn’t accept cast-off flip-flops and threadbare bathrobes; they vet each incoming item for quality and state of repair, ensuring that whatever you do purchase will be in fine fettle. In addition to being a treasure trove of low-cost, high-end threads, 100% of the store’s proceeds benefit The Career Wardrobe, a non-profit organization that provides women in transition (moving from welfare to work) with professional clothing and appropriate interview attire to land the job they need.

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