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610 E Roosevelt St Phoenix, AZ 85004


Violet and Susan, the owners of Revera, recognize scent as an integral way of calming nerves, invigorating spirits, and balancing a life full of stresses. With the goal of making the sense of smell a larger part of community consciousness, the pair decided to reintroduce the benefits of scent through the aromatic essential oils in their shop. They now craft artisanal bath, body, and fragrance products whose aromatherapeutic qualities aim to correct internal imbalances while surrounding clients in complex, stimulating scents.

Interspersed with jars of nutrient-filled sea salts and skin-soothing creams, the shop showcases herbal milk-bath concoctions blended with flowers, oat tops, and rose petals that work to soothe and soften skin, just like sleeping under a patchwork quilt of fabric softeners. The shop’s bottles of deep-purple glass also protect perfumes and lotions from harmful UV rays, lengthening the lifespan of products while serving as a reusable container for the shop’s refill services. Clients can opt to create their own signature scent in one of the shop’s custom perfume workshops, or sample a new aroma every month in the shop’s Menagerie program, in which clients get a monthly fragrance that blends scents of the season with grated calendar pieces.

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