Greater Pittsburgh Joint and Muscle Center

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600 Iron City Dr Pittsburgh, PA 15205


Chiropractic medicine and massage therapy join forces at Greater Pittsburgh Joint and Muscle Center, a wellness studio helmed by chiropractic doctor Frank J. Verri. Here, licensed massage therapists ferry minds and muscles toward states of relaxation that are deeper and more satisfying than a moon crater filled with homemade chili. To dissolve painful knots and unclench tense muscles, they borrow Eastern techniques such as foot reflexology to augment Western modalities such as deep-tissue massage. Swedish bodywork teems with long, gliding strokes and gentle taps that awaken endorphins and promote blood flow, sending oxygen coursing into corporeal outliers such as fingers, toes, and conjoined invisible friends. In addition to kneading sinews and adjusting spines, attentive staffers help clients boost their nutrition IQs with diet consultations and weight-loss programs.


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