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2100 Dallas Pkwy Plano, TX 75093


The crunch of salt under foot. Soothing strains of spa music. The taste of salt on the lips. These sensations enrapture visitors to Salt Escape's halo-therapy chambers. Claiming accolades from CBS DFW and NBC DFW, experts have designed sterilized chambers to mimic the conditions of ancient salt caves once thought to grant healing properties. Between walls, floors, and ceilings coated in a layer of negative-ionized natural rock salt, Salt Escape works to create a spa environment filled with toys, café tables, and a stereo system to soothe adults and children more effectively than a night-light covered in honey. Halo-generators fill the air with controlled bursts of crushed salt, which generates a microclimate and assuages respiratory and skin conditions. To facilitate comfortable treatment sessions, staff members beckon visitors to recline in zero-gravity chairs, which cradle spines to neutralize the effects of gravity and recent rugby tournaments.

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