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4819 Southeast Division Street Portland, OR 97215


A row of artist easels stand in stark contrast to the brilliant images being painted upon the canvases they hold. Splashes of green, yellow, and red coax images to life as amateur artists take the first tentative steps toward self-expression through paint. At the front of the room, a local artist leads this group of seekers, demonstrating techniques to help students create a piece inspired by a famous work of art and, maybe, find their own ideas.

Creativity-filled scenes like this one happen everyday at Art School Studio. During accessible classes, the school provides all the materials necessary to paint a masterwork, from simple aprons to insightful instruction from a professional artist. Students learn rudimentary painting techniques the old-fashioned way: by mimicking everything from modern landscapes to floral arrangements by famous artists such as Klimt and Van Gogh. As they explore their new talents, students can even imbibe a celebratory wine, beer, or cider. In the event that these introductory classes awaken a newfound love for creation, the school also runs four-week courses to develop higher level skills, such as painting self portraits on mirrors.

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