Blue Sky Wellness Studio

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3944 N Mississippi Ave Portland, OR 97227


Stress-stomp up to Blue Sky's soothing cerulean storefront, located in the Boise neighborhood, and prepare to give your body a Groupon-exclusive break. A member of the friendly staff will guide you into one of the private, modestly appointed, and pacifying treatment rooms, where you can collapse upon a welcoming massage bed. Once there, surrender to an hour of deliberate and direct muscle-grain pressure, the defining traits of deep-tissue massage. In addition to thoroughly puttifying all of your muscles, Blue Sky's licensed massage therapist will include hot aromatherapy oils in the full-body treatment. The artfully tailored smells twined in tandem with the massage will loosen your brain from its cranium until it floats above your body like a floating cerebral cortex tethered by thousands of synaptic connections. Your therapist will be sure to communicate with you throughout the massage in order to ensure an optimum level of comfort.

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