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2916 NE Broadway St Portland, OR 97232


If Dr. Noé Flores could give his chiropractic patients one piece of advice, it would be to work toward preventing pains before they start. By incorporating lifestyle coaching and practical postural-advice into his visits, he helps to fulfill his goal of helping patients practice prevention as much as he helps them relieve their pains. New patients experience an in-depth consultation during which Dr. Flores assesses their current issues, the number of bowling balls currently stuffed in their mattresses, and their goals for treatment, before he administers tests or treatment. During adjustments, he uses a low-pressure technique as a way to keep his patients comfortable. In some cases, he uses auricular therapy, a type of ear acupuncture that helps release endorphins and reduces pain. Building on his preventive ideas, the doctor and his team also give their patients exercises they can perform on their own to promote wellness outside his office.

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