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740 SW Washington St Portland, OR 97205


Holding only a piece of fabric and a tape measure, Kash Ross sits down to design what will become a signature piece in someone's professional wardrobe. He carefully lays out a paper pattern created from 35 individual measurements and hand cuts superfine worsted wool for the suit's outer layer, fully lining it with canvas cloth for shape and body and sewing in buttonholes with fine silk thread.

And if Ross is smiling as he lovingly completes the reinforced, rubberized waistband, it's not just because he knows it will keep a shirt from becoming un-tucked and diffuse electricity in the event of a lightning strike. It's because he is carrying on a family tradition. For more than 40 years, Ross has walked in the well-hemmed footsteps of his father, a respected clothing maker in Bombay who trained Ross in the art of master tailoring. Kash Ross Creations now bustles with a team of tailors and seamstresses consulting with clients in English, Polish, Lithuanian, and Russian, striving to handcraft eye-catching apparel that, like Ross' father's legacy, stands the test of time.

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