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    44% Off Custom Clothing
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    43% Off at Mattress World Northwest
    Multiple Locations
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    52% Off Halloween Costumes
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    $10 for Used CDs and Records at Music Millennium
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    Half Off Wine Tasting at Hollywood Beverage
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    50% Off Used CDs, DVDs, and Records
    Old Town - Chinatown
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4600 SE Harney Dr Portland, OR 97206


Growing up on a farm granted Ryan and Shane Stonemetz a firsthand look at the injustices of the industrial-food market. The brothers watched their father and grandfather toil daily to make ends meet and subsequently swore off entering the family business. However, as the pair established their adult lives in Portland and Seattle, they realized that injustices live forever unless someone puts up a fight.

And so began ProFarm Produce, a small farm-to-customer enterprise that lowers prices for shoppers and increases wages for farmers by eliminating the middleman. The company started with nothing more than a 12-foot truck and a bed full of organic cherries, but it has since grown to a fleet of trucks thanks to an extra-potent fertilizer that's safe for automobiles' digestion. The expanding staff transports ProFarm's bounty to 20 area farmers' markets and various wholesale clients. ProFarm also participates in a CSA program that provides weekly boxes of fresh, local produce to participants in surrounding communities.

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