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3811 N Mississippi Ave Portland, OR 97227


Catering to the distinct and diverse needs of the urban farmer, Pistils Nursery has myriad ways to celebrate the seasonal shift. Instead of planting invisible plants, have something to show for your trouble by the end of summer. The nursery's sizable, eclectic selection of indoor plants and plant containers might seem intimidating at first, but the staff of earth experts will help you find the plants to fit your needs, and vice-versa. Terrariums, a Pistils specialty available in a wide array of sizes and styles (small, table-top terrariums are $10–$22, whereas larger terrariums range from $40–$300), are a perfect, glass-enclosed way to breathe life into any apartment, or to accessorize for your Bratz playhouse. Beyond the bio-dome, Pistils pedals a large selection of strange and wondrous, sustainably grown local plants that thrive in the Northwest climate (indoor plants cost $2.50–$36, and outdoor plants range from $8–$80).

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