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When licensed acupuncturist and herbalist Ross McCallum, BA, MAcOM, LAcClick, listens to his clients' medical histories, he looks beyond the immediate cause of pain, seeking to understand its underlying causes and its consequences throughout the body. With this information in hand, he addresses problems, such as migraines, back and neck pain, depression, and TMJ with massage, acupuncture, and other services derived from traditional Chinese medicine. His treatments also address bad habits and addictions, helping clients lose weight or quit smoking without the need for faddish gimmicks.

Ross is just one of the team of practitioners at Skyline Integrative Medicine, where acupuncturist Jennifer Fletcher leads the battle against bad health. With over 25 years of practice, Dr. Fletcher has developed an integrated approach to natural medicine from training that spanned the globe. In addition to studying rehabilitation and podiatry in the U.S., she has trained with medical and holistic doctors from Korea and China. Receiving Tuina training at Samra University in the greater Los Angeles area in 1987, Dr. Fletcher later practiced the art by hand rolling small bags of beans to strengthen her skills. Drawing on the expertise of other doctors and shunning well-meaning tips from mad scientists, she specializes in treating painful foot and hand conditions, and offering relief from many forms of arthritis. Skyline Integrative Medicine also offers classes in traditional Chinese medicine and qi gong practice.

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