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    Up to 65% Off Dance Classes at The Exotic You
    $48 $20 0.3 miles
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    78% Off Outdoor Boot Camp from Waterfront Fitness
    Multiple Locations
    $175 $39 0.3 miles
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    Up to 61% Off African-Drumming Classes
    Viscount Dance Studio
    $12.50 $6 0.3 miles
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    Up to 46% Off a Painting Event at Local Pub
    On Location
    $45 $25 0.5 miles
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    Up to Half Off Urban Dare Adventure Race for Two
    Kells Irish Pub
    $90 $45 0.5 miles
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    Up to 50% Off Beer and Winemaking Classes
    $30 $16 0.5 miles
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    46% Off Segway Tour of Portland
    Downtown Portland
    $69 $37 0.5 miles
724 E Burnside St Portland, OR 97214


Discover why one of the largest Argentine tango festivals in North America comes to PDX every year with today's deal: one dance class for two at Viscount Dance Studios for $12. Drop-in classes normally cost $14, making this deal better than a two-for-one—don't be shy about bringing a dance partner so you both can outdance your downstairs neighbors.Lance “The Baron” Hardtop: A former member of a top-secret military commando unit, The Baron officially “died” in 1993. After encountering a mysterious artifact in the jungle, Lance and his crew were hunted by an animal-like predator that some believe isn’t of this world. Lance now teaches Samba at Seven every Tuesday.Arturo “Camacho” Ortega: A one-time member of a classified government super-soldier program, Camacho survived a deadly jungle encounter with a predatory beast whose advanced weapons and invisibility cloak still seem not of this world. Camacho hung up his prototype chain guns and now teaches Line Dancing for Couples on Sunday evenings.Darren “Mouse” Mizewski: In a past life, Mouse was a government scientist for the OGA. Stranded with a group of mercenaries in the jungle, Mouse survived by realizing that whatever was tracking them was using an infrared spectrum not of this world. Driven insane by sights that scientists aren’t supposed to see, he gave up making weapons and now teaches Urban Step for The Catatonically Paralyzed.

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