Everyday Miracles

15644 Pomerado Rd. Poway, California 92064


Everyday Miracles’ cofounders, Ta’mus and Susan, tailor each of their holistic healing sessions in order to “plant dreams and grow miracles”—that is, mend the body’s smaller issues in order to achieve whole-body health. Services such as cranial-sacral therapy incorporate the simple techniques of light massage and energy-flow analysis to ease dysfunctions that can manifest as headaches, chronic fatigue, or TMJ. A selection of massage treatments calls upon Swedish, deep-tissue, or Thai techniques, each of which can be fueled by signature scents that Ta’mus personally creates by grinding whole botanicals and liquefying scratch 'n' sniff stickers. Qigong sessions invoke the 800-year-old remedies of Chinese monks to calm bodies with a blend of movement, breathing techniques, and meditation.