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    Up to 55% Off Master Piano Lessons
    On Location
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    62% Off Martial Arts
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    Up to 48% Off Shooting-Range Packages
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    Up to 40% Off Multipark Package and Tubing from Seven Peaks
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    $20 for $40 Toward First Month's Tuition at Legacy Dance Studio
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    Up to 52% Off Kids' Gymnastics Classes
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    Up to 36% Off from Rocky Mountain Flyboard
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N University Ave. & E Center St. Provo, UT 84601


In the Chase the Mayor 5K, Provo Mayor John R. Curtis will have a one-minute head start as throngs of citizens pace and roar with anticipation behind the starting line. After these 60 seconds are up, participants burst forth and book it 3.1 miles along University Avenue, hoping to stride past the finish line before the elected head of Provo does. If any entrant does beat his honor, they will win a custom window sticker commemorating the victory, as well as a lifetime pass to swim in any public fountain. Otherwise, the signature Provo City Marathon—a USATF-certified marathon and a Boston Marathon qualifier—sends runners on a rigorous, yet fun jaunt downhill toward postrace festivities. It is these types of exciting flourishes and thrilling stakes that form the principles of Run13’s mission to “make road races an event.” Run13 also organizes several other races, including half marathons, 10Ks, and 5Ks.For each race, the organization designates a charity to donate its proceeds to, often taking suggestions from its fans or the magic 8 ball that presides over all affairs.