Ananda Acupuncture Yoga and Qi Gong

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4610 Altha Street Raleigh, NC 27606


At Ananda, each person is guided along the journey to healing and blissful existence by the experienced hands of Anisha Desai, a licensed acupuncturist, yoga teacher, and medical Qi Gong therapist. Patients first receive a consultation that addresses their health concerns, teaches them about Chinese medicine, and evaluates their wellness level through a physical examination. Then, during a comfortable 90-minute acupuncture session, stress is relieved by the loving energy manipulations of small, thin needles. For no additional cost, patients may request cupping, which places vacuum suction cups that would put even the most talented octopus to shame on qi pathways in the back for five to ten minutes in order to diminish pain, or Qi Gong therapy, a movement technique said to aid in restoring the balance of all-important qi.

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