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    79% Off At-Home Teeth Whitening
    North Hills
    $116.95 $25 1.0 miles
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    Up to 77% Off Year of Dental Care
    $492 $119 1.3 miles
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    79% Off Take-Home Teeth-Whitening Kit
    Crabtree Valley Mall
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    Up to 72% Off at Whiten My Smile Now
    Crabtree Valley Mall
    $139 $39 2.1 miles
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    Up to 85% Off Cleaning, Exam, & X-Rays at Village Dental
    Multiple Locations
    $385 $59 2.6 miles
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    77% Off at Carolina Dental Spa
    $261 $59 2.6 miles
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    Up to 91% Off Teeth Whitening
    Northwest Raleigh
    $350 $35 3.0 miles
2609 Glenwood Ave Raleigh, NC 27608
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Dr. Brian Kelleher and his dedicated staff provide general, cosmetic, and surgical dentistry in a relaxing environment. He furthers fosters patients’ ease by employing efficient technology, including digital x-rays, which provide quick readouts while exposing recipients to 80% less radiation than standard scans. He also employs noninvasive ViziLite screenings to look for early signs of oral cancer.

While Dr. Kelleher is skilled in identifying and treating everyday issues and more serious concerns, he's also passionate about perfecting smiles to boost his patients' confidence. He can fit teeth with porcelain Lumineers to correct conditions ranging from discoloration to chips and gaps. In-office teeth-whitening treatments provide an alternate means of erasing enamel stains.

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