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8153 Aspen Ave Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730


Eddie's Pizzeria & Eatery answers an ancient culinary dilemma: do we go out for pizza or stay in for Mom's meatloaf? Serving New World fare, the restaurant satisfies cravings in a single sweep. Even its pizzas champion this culinary marriage—New York–style pies arrive speckled with traditional toppings as well as premium options, such as rosemary ham. Yet, despite such culinary fusion, the pies never lose sight of their roots. Margherita pizza recalls the dish’s Italian heritage, whereas a 10-inch gourmet Bada Bing represents pizza’s modern stomping grounds with sausage, gorgonzola, and a mini “I Heart NY” shirt.

The menu also explores a large landscape of pasta entrees, from four-cheese ravioli to penne sautéed with mushrooms in a tomato-cream sauce. Meatier plates continue to span continents, with chicken parmesan prepped near st. louis ribs and handcrafted Angus burgers. As patrons strip tangy wings bare, they can watch the venue's eight televisions, two of which boast 70-inch HD screens.

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