Lomonte's Pizzeria

815 Plantation Dr Richmond, TX 77406


Chefs cook handmade meatballs, the scent of spices and beef mingling in the kitchen at Lomonte’s Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria. Certain dishes, such as mussels or crab claws, are available only when in season, guaranteeing that they're fresh and that they match holiday decorations. White wine simmers in skillets on the stove, its dry essence cooking down into a sauce for veal and chicken, and onions caramelize in nearby pans. Chefs sprinkle the golden onions over deep-dish pizzas with italian sausage. The snap of opening bottles floats from vessels of Peroni and Moretti, and the beer list also includes domestic brews such as organic Sam Smith lager. The wine list, like a U.N. delegate trying to move a futon, enlists help from around the world, with choices including Italian chianti and New Zealand chardonnay.

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