Paintball Fixx

4090 Farm to Market 1694 Robstown, TX 78380


Paintball Fixx's four playing fields provide battlegrounds for four different types of polychromatic warfare, allowing paint slingers to make artwork of their opponents on various terrains landmarked with obstacles. After selecting a battle style, players can outfit themselves with a marker and the appropriate safety equipment, such as masks and wound-erasing Wite-Out. Soldiers then take to the fields, sprinting through rapid-fire, five-player hyperball matches or dotting the outdoors during games of 10-man rec ball. Peg competitors as you scurry between course barricades and seek shelter behind lofty stacks of tractor tires or large wooden spools. An ammunition bag of 500 paintballs provides ample opportunity to slug opposing team members, and unlimited air refills for the day guarantee you won't have to resort to futilely throwing your paintballs. Although not included with today's Groupon, visit the on-site snack bar between matches to re-energize with a water ($1), soda ($1.50), or energy drink ($3).

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