Bay Creek Paddling Center

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    Up to 79% Off Introductory Rock Climbing
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    65% Off Boxing Lessons
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    65% Off Martial-Arts Lessons
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1099 Empire Blvd Rochester, NY 14609


Canoes float under a sunny sky, kayakers speed along lush riverbanks, and standup paddleboards engage core muscles in adrenaline-pumping workouts. With dozens of watercraft for rent and sale, BayCreek Paddling Center's team brings aquatic adventures like these to life. Their staff members, which range from young enthusiasts to 30-year industry veterans, launch customers into Irondequoit Creek, where they can float amid an orchestra of bird songs and opera-trained fish. In addition to rentals, the staff guide activities. Aboard their various watercraft, ACA and BCU instructors lead lessons and nature tours that wind through glacier-carved terrain and former Seneca Native American lands.

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