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11771 Rockville Pike Rockville, MD 20852


Zoom Room’s dog-training facilities have one cardinal rule: owners must be present during class. This is because humans need just as much training as their canine companions when establishing obedience, and it’s important that owners learn the best positive-reinforcement techniques from the knowledgeable staff. Group classes cover topics ranging from general obedience and agility training to more specific needs such as overcoming shyness.

In fact, improving canine social skills is one of Zoom Room’s missions, as evidenced by the regularly hosted fundraiser events and Doggy Disco parties, which give dogs a chance to meet other dogs and expand away from their inner circle of fire hydrants. This combination of training and fun, in addition to the facility’s selection of solution-oriented training gear, natural dog treats, and functional dog accessories, has garnered an array of local and national press.