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    Up to 84% Off Fitness and Weight-Loss Packages
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    61% Off Teeth Whitening at Anti-Aging Skin Studio
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    Up to 84% Off Vitamin B12 Injections
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Seneca Anderson, licensed acupuncturist, naturopath, and founder of Longevity Health Center, takes a holistic approach to overall health, treating patients with the additional expertise of his attentive staff. Comprehensive services guide patients down the road to overall wellness, abating chronic ailments and curbing poor eating habits. Tools to achieve such goals include bio-energetic evaluation, a method for identifying the environmental toxins that contribute to chronic ailments, as well as chiropractic care and massage therapy. The ancient Chinese practice of acupuncture, a means of balancing bodily energy and communing with the spirits of ancient hedgehogs, can alleviate the vice-like pain of headaches and the discomfort of stomach issues, among other maladies.

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