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Every bride dreams of a perfect wedding day, and Jhoana Moore was no exception. The centerpiece of her dream day was a cake made to her exact specifications, and she worried that no one else would be able to realize the image—and the taste—of the confection she had already baked in her imagination. What better person, she concluded, could there be to bake her dream cake than herself?

After the cake in question turned out to be a huge hit with her wedding guests, Jhoana decided to use her baking skills to help others realize the desserts of their own dreams, whether custom-designed cakes, cupcakes, or cookies. She collaborates on projects with her customers via email and phone, using their input to determine aspects such as the flavor. Designs can be sculpted out of edible fondant into three-dimensional shapes or frosted with icing that adds complex flavors and textures. Jhoana also crafts smaller portions for in-store purchases, baking cupcakes, cookies, and similarly portable sweets each day.

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