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As a vegetarian teen exploring meditation and yoga, Kathryn Knox probably did not expect that as an adult, she would cement her interest in the intersection of spirituality and health with a stint in the military and a grueling exam. The path to becoming a board-certified doctor of naturopathy and opening A Touch of Grace began with jobs in a health-food restaurant, a health-food store, and a health and fitness club carved out inside a giant apple. Along the way, she complimented her growing knowledge of nutrition with massage therapy and yoga-teacher training. Her progress was interrupted by a two-year enlistment in the U.S. Army, where she entered the 10th Special Forces, a Green Beret unit. Her curiosity about human physiology only deepened when she was away, so she became a licensed emergency medical technician after her enlistment, showing a proficiency that earned her a scholarship to nursing school. Drawn still to holistic healing, she turned down the offer and instead pursued energy healing and completed the Naturopathic Physicians course at Trinity College.

Now she oversees A Touch of Grace with more than a quarter century of experience. Massage is her principle focus, given that she is skilled in 14 modalities. Among them are traditional Swedish and deep-tissue therapies that relax and heal injury, respectively, a Hawaiian style that mimics the roll of the ocean, and a series that eases women's bodies during pregnancy. As a doctor of naturopathy, she can evaluate your health with a 10-point exam that results in programs of Isotonix supplements and herbal tinctures.

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