The Aquarium Shop

504 N Main St Royal Oak, MI 48067


The Aquarium Shop unleashes an assortment of aquatic denizens on land-living lifeforms, like a garage sale held by King Poseidon to raise money for repairs to his seahorse-powered cruiser. Items include saltwater, freshwater, and pond merchandise, complete with pond fish ($5–$25), pond plants ($5–$25), pond food ($10–$50), tropical fish ($2–$30), saltwater fish ($5–$100), and live rock ($8 per lb.). Find actors for your all-koi version of Hamlet, pick up an African cichlid for prom-night punch-bowl pranks, or buy coral with which to dress up in doll's clothing and play tea party. The Aquarium Shop also has a large variety of tanks in stock for fish owners looking to update the digs of their deep-dwelling dorsalled doppelgangers.

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